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Laubenvogel-Schulz-Iriscontrol: Our work is poetry telling a story to engage the viewer in a transformational journey.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Time has passed and many things happend in the meantime with our film.
Above is the current film trailer.
We created a homepage: www.barcode-derfilm.com
The length of our film amounts 68 minutes but will be shortened to 52 minutes by Los Angeles Film Academy graduate Andrea Samen.
Up to now we loged on ourselfves at 4 film festivals and are chosen for sure at one festival.

During June 2010 composer Christian Schulz has performed his Grand Barcode for choir and big orchestra in Kobe/Japan. It was a big success and he got a great review in one of the important newspapers in Japan.

In the meantime he had another performance with this piece in Teheran.